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Shelter for strays

Shelter for strays


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Our rescued animals are sheltered in the houses of two of the trustees of the foundation. We have now over 110 animals under our care. The houses are getting to be a little small to shelter the ever-growing number of animals. One of our benefactors gave us a little piece of land to build a shelter. Now the skeleton of the shelter is complete but it requires flooring, electrical and plumbing works. We approach you to help us complete these works so that we can help a lot more animals who need it. Also, we have shored up a huge hospital bill as many of our rescues require extensive vet support. Some of these bills are yet to be paid and we approach you to help us pay off the bills so that we can help a lot more animals who need it.


Adhvika Foundation

Adhvika Foundation was founded 3 years ago for providing aid, ensure safety and well being of stray cats and dogs in the city. • We rescue the injured strays from harm, by picking them up, getting them treated and sheltering them. • We pick up abandoned pups and kittens, nurse them to health, and give them up for adoption. Over 150 such little ones have found loving lifelong homes in the last couple of years. • We also do animal birth control surgeries for stray cats and dogs in our communities. After surgery and recuperation, the animals are released back into their localities. On an average, we arrange for 6 – 8 surgeries in a month. • We are also community feeders in our locality. We feed around 50 animals daily.

We mainly work with resettlement slums in order to rehabilitate towards new life.

Visit: Adhvika Foundation

City: Chennai

State: Tamilnadu

Country: India

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